DV8 Offroad Chrome Series Light Bars 3W Cree Leds

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DV8 Optical Technology and cutting edge design delivers unparalleled light output. These lights come with a poly-carbonate lens, are IP68 rated, come in spot and combo patterns, 3W Cree Led’s are rated 50’000 hours, come with side and bottom mounts.

Specs and Sizes:

BC-5- 24W total, 2000 Lumens, 5.5×3.25×3

BC-12-  72W total, 7000 Lumens, 13.5×3.25×3

BC-20-  120W total, 10100 Lumens, 21.5×3.25×3

BC-30-  180W total, 14500 Lumens, 31.5×3.25×3

BC-50- 300W total, 21500 Lumens, 52×3.25×3

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 6 in

BC-5- 24W total, 2000 Lumens, 5.5×3.25×3, BC-12-  72W total, 7000 Lumens, 13.5×3.25×3, BC-20-  120W total, 10100 Lumens, 21.5×3.25×3, BC-30-  180W total, 14500 Lumens, 31.5×3.25×3, BC-50- 300W total, 21500 Lumens, 52×3.25×3, BC-20F-  216W total, 16000 Lumens, 20×5.25×3, (bottom mounts only), BC-50R- 300W total, 21500 Lumens, 52×3.25×3, (side mounts only)


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