Hawk Performance 5.0 Brake Pads HB726B.582

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For years, engine builders have been pushing motors to the limits of their ability, and Hawk Performance continues to get one step closer to the ABS Rev Limiter.

The goal of these High Performance Street 5.0 brake pads is to offer the greatest stopping power and pedal feel for your vehicle without compromising your ABS.

Too much brake torque, and your ABS goes into ICE mode; too little, and there is no improvement to the product.

Pedal feedback, noise, brake torque, and dust control is the aim of these pads.

They feature a Ferro-carbon compound that provides advanced braking characteristics to enhance the driving experience.

This new compound combines the safety and quality of aerospace design, partnered with the braking technology of motorsports. The results are shorter stopping distances, improved performance under heavy braking conditions, and street car friendly characteristics.


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 8.25 × 3.75 × 3.5 in


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