SMG “Big Boy” Drop-in Fuel Pump for 6th Gen Camaro and Gen3 CTS-V (ALPHA PLATFORM)


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• Precision Bosch Pump Rated for over 500LPH Peak Flow, 420LPH at 45psi
• Out Performs the popular Walbro 450 “e85” by 31% (70-100 psi)
• Rated to over  120psi total fuel pressure (freeflow)

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Our Exclusive “Big Boy” drop-in low side fuel pump starts as an all new OEM LT4 Fuel Pump Module.

We then disassemble and modify the OEM basket to accommodate our High Output Bosch fuel pump which keeps the OEM venturi system functioning unlike Walbro 450 swaps so both sides of your fuel tank can still be utilized just like OEM.

We then replace the failure prone OEM FPR with an upgraded all stainless high performance unit so you can truly ramp up the pressure unlike what happens if you just replace a pump for more flow. Next we upgrade the pump wiring, then we reassemble and bench test to ensure every pump leaves our shop as a fully tested**, and functioning assembly. Ready for you to simply pull your factory Module, replace it with ours and dial in your tune for maximum results.


*Due to the nature of High Performance Vehicle modification and the many variables your vehicle may have from the next, results not guaranteed.

Our Test Vehicle Results: Tested to support over 750whp on E85 on the 6th gen platform with stock LT4 Injectors, LT4 HPFP and 32% cam lobe. More boost, additional tuning, other supporting mods, may net greater results.

Combined with 30% over injectors, the LPE BigBore HPFP, and customers have seen over 9xx WHP with our Big Boy Being the sole low side pump.


  • Bridges the gap between LT4 fueling and full on standalone fuel systems.
  • No Holes to drill in your tank, simply swap as a unit, dial in tune for maximum performance .
  • Combine with one of our popular Aux Kits for Extreme fueling capacity, (Note doing so may overwhelm the in tank fpr and you will need to find an alternate solution for regulation, such as a return system)
  • Must-have Upgrade to increase volume and pressure beyond the popular LT4 retrofits for forced induction and e85 applications
  • Pair with a set of LT4 Injectors and the LT4 HPFP  or one of the several oversized options for the ultimate OEM+ bolt on fueling upgrade.



*Internal test results are for R&D and illustrative purposes only and are not a guarantee of your results.  Due to many variables and factors from tune, dyno, atmospheric and other conditions we cannot guarantee you will have similar results.  Any “Numbers” published have been tested to and are repeatable on our test vehicle.


**Each pump is bench tested once assembled and will be certified to produce at least 60psi @12v prior to getting boxed up and shipped to you. Your pump will come with its exact test results so you can be sure it’ll perform as well as you’d expect.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 in


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