Toyo Proxes R888R Tires

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The Proxes R888R is an evolution of the race-winning Proxes R888, delivering even faster lap times and better dry handling. The credit goes to a new tread design and an improved contact patch that puts more rubber on the track. Racers will also appreciate the predictable handling and how quickly the Proxes R888R reaches optimal operating temperature.

*Caution: Recommended for competition events only

Additional information

Weight 37 lbs
Dimensions 26.5 × 26.5 × 14 in

205/40ZR17 80W, 205/45ZR17 84W, 205/50ZR17 89W, 225/45ZR17 94W, 235/40ZR17 90W, 235/45ZR17 94W, 255/40ZR17 94W, 315/35ZR17 102W, 225/40ZR18 92Y, 245/40ZR18 93Y, 255/35ZR18 90Y, 265/35ZR18 97Y, 275/35ZR18 95Y, 295/30ZR18 98Y, 315/30ZR18 98Y, 335/30ZR18 102Y, 235/35ZR19 91Y, 245/35ZR19 89Y, 265/30ZR19 89Y, 285/35ZR19 99Y, 295/30ZR19 100Y, 325/30ZR19 101Y, 345/30ZR19 105Y, 285/30ZR20 95Y, 285/35ZR20 100Y, 305/35ZR20 104Y, 315/30ZR20 101Y, 325/30ZR20 102Y


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