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Committed to Enthusiasts

We, like you, are Automotive enthusiasts. With over 20 years in the industry, not a day goes by we aren't involved with some sort of automotive related project.

From hands-on design and fabrication, to brainstorming new ideas and products to improve the driving experience.

Committed to Value

Let’s face it, being an automotive enthusiast is far from the least expensive hobby out there. That's why every product we offer has to fit our very strict best-bang-for-the-buck requirements.

From our own innovative products made with the best materials available for the most reasonable cost, to our partners products. We strive to only offer products that give you 100% of the performance you expect for less than the other guys. We will continue to add brands and products so stay tuned for more deals on more of the stuff you want.

Committed to Innovation

We are constantly looking at new ways to bring the products you want to market for less.

From a new spin on an old design, to partnering with other innovators who bring the same desire for quality to the market for less, we will continue to be your go-to for the best-bang-for-the-buck parts and accessories.

Returns, Promotions and More… How are returns handled?

 Mistakes happen, if you ordered the wrong item and it is *new / unopened in the original packaging, we will issue a refund. Installed, modified or custom parts are non-returnable no exceptions.   All returned items are subject to a 20% restocking fee,  must be 1st approved by Skid Mark Garage and will receive a RA (return authorization) to accompany the return. If the mistake is ours, we will even cover return shipping. Please contact us for more information on returning an item or to begin the process of returning your unwanted item.

Please use the contact form above should you wish to initiate a return.

*Applies to SMG branded items only, all 3rd party/non-stocked items or custom orders, sales are final.

Discounts and promotional pricing

From time to time, we will offer promotional prices of new products or offerings. Promotional prices are not retroactive and cannot be applied to past orders.

Additionally we are proud of our service men and women and are grateful for your service. So we offer all active and retired military service personnel a 10% discount. Please contact us to obtain a military discount code prior to your purchase.

Please use the contact form above should you wish to inquire about discounts or promotional pricing.

Club Sponsorships and Pilot programs

We pride ourselves on offering a very competitively priced product and cross shop competition to ensure we have the best price on a comparative product. If you find a product we offer for less elsewhere, please let us know.

Do you belong to a car club or group that would be interested in a bulk buy? Great! Please contact us if you are interested in a group priced rate.

Pilot Programs are a great way to test market and develop products. if you have a vehicle that you feel could be a new market for us. We are always looking to expand into new categories and may be able to offer you a pilot program discount.

Please use the contact form above to inquire about club, group buys and pilot programs.

Is E85 For Me?


E85 Benefits
More Potential Power: we’ll start with the good stuff first—E85 has an octane rating of 100 to 105, which is 9 to 14 points higher than the 91 octane premium fuel found in many stations. E85 can support lots of boost for forced-induction engines, and crazy high compression ratios in N/A applications. Always a good thing.

Better Cooling: ethanol absorbs over twice as much heat during combustion as gasoline does, which makes it a much more efficient cooling agent than gas.

Cleaner Burning: engines burning ethanol leave fewer carbon deposits on valves and pistons. The exhaust actually smells better, too.

Smoother Power Delivery: one often heard comment from E85 consumers is, “Wow, the engine just runs so much smoother.”.

Reports of Your Fuel System’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated: E85 has been has been gradually introduced in larger and larger quantities into our gasoline since as early as the late 90's, many enthusiasts who’ve done long-term E85 testing have reported few to no fuel system issues on even straight E85. Will every fuel system part last 200,000 miles on the E85? Probably not. But it likely won’t last that long on gas either.

E85 Drawbacks

Moisture Can Cause Problems: alcohol is hygroscopic, meaning it readily absorbs moisture—so E85 introduces more water into your fuel system. This isn’t a huge problem in modern fuel systems, but older vehicles with stock fuel systems can see accelerated corrosion unless upgraded. Most cars built since the late 90's have Ethanol compatible fuel lines and components.

Slight Fuel Economy Losses: E85 has roughly a third less energy than gasoline, which means that it takes more E85 to equal gas’ power.  However, a modern vehicles with aftermarket E85 tuning can return mpg ratings within spitting distances of their factory gas ratings.

Fewer Places to Fill Up: Unless you live in the Midwest, finding E85 used to be challenging, especially if you’re on a road trip in unfamiliar territory. More and more stations are now offering this fantastic fuel and apps are dedicated to help you find it. However, this is where converting to "flex fuel" capability really shines over a dedicated "E85 tune". Having the ability to switch between gas and E85 automatically on the fly makes this a non-issue. This holds especially true for seasonal blend changes and eliminates the need for "testing" ethanol content at the pump, simply fill up and the flex sensor tell the PCM to adjust the tune based on content.