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$275.99 - $899.99
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SMG offers the popular LT2 Intake in 4 varieties.
  • Stock, zero modifications, just as comes on the 2020 C8 Corvette. You modify to fit yourself. Fits anything LTx with your own elbow grease
  • Stage 1: Includes very basic snout and runner clean up to remove plastic casting flash, and modifications to fit your camaro or LTx powered truck including shaving of the ribbing to allow clearance of the stock hpfp and retrofit to fit other LTx platforms, (includes MAP extension harness, Brake Booster quick connect which works with your oem brake booster tube) Uses your Stock TB.
  • Stage 2: All options included in stage 1 plus we port the runners and match it for use with the popular ZR1 95MM TB or whatever tb you want to use. 
  • Stage 3: Includes options found in stage 2, and and our Full Porting service and includes a brand new 95mm ZR1 TB and Billet adapter to mount directly to the LT2 intake without drilling or oblonging holes to make it fit. ** RTV Sealant (sold separately) is required to make a proper seal against the ported snout. We suggest you apply sealant to both the rim of the intake and the intake side of the gasket then bolt the adapter on and let cure before using** 


Stage 2 and 3 Porting does remove the oem oring seal for the TB, we recommend RTV to make a positive seal for your TB adapter to Manifold. Stage 3 includes 2 gaskets for use between the TB and the TB adapter and the intake and the adapter.

Demand has been huge on our proven LT2 Intake packages, due to this significant demand, please allow at least 15-21 business days before we ship depending on port level you choose, order queue in front of you and accessory inventory.

These kits ship in 2 boxes, 1st box will typically arrive in about a week of your order and will include the TB, Adapter and Harness, 2nd box arrives roughly a week or so after the 1st box (depending on order queue on these popular intakes) and will contain the completed ported intake. 


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